10 Work Management Problems IT Execs Face and How to Solve Them

"10 Work Management Problems IT Execs Face and How to Solve Them"

If your fellow executives ever had a discussion about digital transformation and you weren’t invited, you may have wondered how your IT department can achieve its own transformation—from perceived chopped liver to a team that demonstrates it deserves a seat at the strategy table.

Rapid changes in both technology and business mean that IT departments are constantly barraged with new projects—whether it’s delivering the systems that keep the business running or implementing new infrastructure for mobile applications. It’s a challenge to keep up, let alone demonstrate that your department is capable of more than simply providing support. You know you are in the best position to lead digital transformation efforts, but if you worry that your team struggles to demonstrate growth and initiative you’re not alone. Whether it’s inefficient processes, poor reporting, trouble prioritizing work, disconnected teams, or lack of visibility into work, IT teams have trouble getting work done on time and within budget, while IT executives are struggling to demonstrate their value as strategic leaders.

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